My purest form of expression.

These past few weeks have been all about evaluation for me. Measuring the importance of everything in my life down to people, and habits.Getting rid of the negative. Acknowledging my faults. This dance is my attempt to spin away the stress that I have been feeling. Everything is perfect and I am moving forward. Thank you so much for watching.


With every hoop dancer comes a story… I’ve been hooping aggressively for a year and a half now, and it’s been the biggest improvement I’ve made in my life to date. My last summer as a minor passes and I want to give thanks. With my hoop, I’ve spun away my shyness, figured out how to be sure of myself, realized how important it is to be silly, learned to not be afraid, go all out and try new things, all some of the most important lessons life can teach. Whether at a festival, out in a field, or deep in the forest, I’m never lost or alone, or BORED when I’m in my hoop. Thank you universe for showing me.

Help my photo win the Home of Poi “Stuck on You” contest! Vote here and share, all my love <3 thank you!

Help my photo win the Home of Poi “Stuck on You” contest! Vote here and share, all my love <3 thank you!

If you like glitchy, bedroom booty bass type shit. The type of shit that makes you wanna drink champagne at 7 in the morning to get rid of that sleepless high <3 get it. just a buncha songs i mixed togethaaa


me today in lithia park

My Raindance 2013 photoset. Bliss

try to make my video famous guys!

me today in lithia park

Here We Are… Where are YOU?

I just moved to Ashland Oregon with my fiance Joshua Sheppard. We are both artists who thrive off of being around other artists. We need some social stimulation so if you are in the area and want to blaze and create, puh-lease hit me up!

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